I closed the store today to take some well deserved time off. In true Harper fashion I chose to fish.Usually, as I fish, I think of….fish. Today, was different. Standing on the bank of the pond, casting to structure, my mind was thinking of my friends little baby girl. Last week tragedy was avoided thanks to the first aid training that my friend received years ago. Gary was working in his back yard as his little girl played no more than ten feet from him.  As Gary was working, he watched and talked to his little girl. Now, I do not have to go any further with the story based on what I wrote at the beginning. You can figure out the nightmare that happened next. Gary is a responsible, caring man and father. Accidents happen all of the time, let’s be proactive to avoid them. Toddlers are fearless and inquisitive, neither of which is good. As parents, it is our responsibility to take every precaution necessary to prevent accidents.Lock your gates. If there is open access to the pool for children, close it up by installing fencing. Install door alarms on all doors that gain access to the pool. Purchase floating pool alarms if needed.I am not a safety expert, but I do know that we have to protect our children from drowning.