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Pool Tips

Do You Want “No Mor Problems” With Algae?

Do You Want “No Mor Problems” With Algae?

If you are having constant algae issues and want to try a preventative algaecide treatment that works, we recommend No Mor Problems, available in a quart or gallon at either of our locations.
How to Deal with Pollen in the Pool

How to Deal with Pollen in the Pool

Every year, March brings us St. Patrick's Day AND pollen. Don't worry, that yellow allergy dust will be gone soon enough. In the meantime, brush the pool often and increase the filtration time to allow all of the water in the pool to be filtered at least two times per 24 hour period. Usually, 8 hours per day is enough.
Mustard Algae

Mustard Algae

Mustard Algae An Issue In Your Pool? Not Anymore.   Mustard algae will grow easily due to the high water temperatures, low chlorine and lack of water circulation. You should: Keep free chlorine levels between 2 – 3 ppm. Run pool pump between 8 – 10 hrs/day. Shock...

Rising Temperatures!

Call or come in to Professional Pool Supply to get all of the information you need to maintain an algae free swimming pool. Personally, I love South Texas. Not because of the great fishing and hunting, but because of the heat! Of course I am biased being that I do own...

Catkins Falling From Trees

Catkins Falling From Trees

  You may be asking, what the heck is a catkin? Well, just remove your skimmer lid and look! Those pesky worm looking flowers are falling into just about every pool around. So why am I bringing catkins up??? TO SAVE YOU MONEY! One-third of all of our service...

Polaris Repairs

If your Polaris pool cleaner is not working properly, bring the cleaner into the store for a free inspection. We will tear down the cleaner and troubleshoot what the problem may be. Unlike most other pool stores, we will diagnose the problem and let you know exactly...

Pool/Spa Heating 101

Pool owners who learn a little about heating and cooling options can save a lot, create a better backyard experience for family and guests, and extend their season. You have a couple heating choices – heat pumps, gas and electric heaters. For pools, the choices are...

Chlorine Generators…(Salt water pools)

Now that the pool water temperature has dropped, you can change the percentage of chlorine output on the chlorine generator.Most generators allow you to do this from the settings menu or directly from the front panel. My recommendation for most pools is between 40%...

Swimming Pool Water Temperature

Ahhhhh.... Finally, the pool is "cool" enough to enjoy. This Summer, the swimming pool water temperature was higher than ever before. Most of my customers today stated that their pool temp was about 85 degress or less.Although school has started, we still have plenty...

Pool Pump Run Times

To maintain clear and healthy pool water, the pool pump should "turn over" all of the water twice every day. Most circulation pumps can achieve this in 8 to 10 hours.To find out how long you should be running your swimming pool pump, stop by the store with the pumps...