Weekly Pool Cleaning

We offer reliable and affordable weekly pool cleaning services in Spring, Tomball, Conroe and The Woodlands.

Pool Remodeling

At Professional Pool Remodeling, we understand that we are working in your back yard. Our job is to transform your pool and make it enjoyable. The renovation process should be enjoyable as well. Though the process can be messy, we take great care to protect your yard and clean up after ourselves.

Pool Tips

Read our pool tips online.  Get information about common pool problems and the most obscure problems we have seen.  Hey do you know what a catkin is?

Professional Pool Supply now has two locations to serve you!

Our second location at 11550 Louetta Rd. (At the corner of Lakewood Forest Dr and Louetta Rd).

Our Spring store is located at 5200 Louetta Rd (Next to Still Goode Furniture).
Houston has an affordable swimming pool supply retailer that offers chemicals, pool equipment, free water testing and weekly pool maintenance.

Jeff Harper’s, “Back to basics” swimming pool supply company offers everything from chlorine to pump parts. Jeff has been in the swimming pool industry for over thirty years. His business philosophy is to provide his customers with “extreme” customer service. Jeff feels that most pool owners are tired of the “Big Box” retailers and the undertrained staff that is common in the swimming pool industry.


Professional Pool Supply not only offers their retail customers low prices and excellent customer service, they also offer FREE water testing, swimming pool renovations, pool equipment repairs and weekly maintenance. Jeff Harper is not only committed to his customers, he has proven to be committed to his community.

When asked about his business plan for his new retail location, his response was “I don’t have one…My customers asked me to open a store in Spring, so I did.”

Jeff Harper

Jeff Harper – Owner, Professional Pool Supply

“We are dealing with swimming pools. We are not lawyers or doctors. Some swimming pool companies want their customers to believe that this is rocket science. It’s not, it’s just simple chemistry and mechanical stuff. I just happen to be good at water chemistry and mechanical stuff, and I train my guys to be the same. Granted, for those of us that appreciate the business, we know what we are worth, not some inflated amount for a service call. I will go out to my customer’s house for $125.00. Period. I have had the same service call rate for years. I will adjust that rate as needed, but so far, it works for my company. If I can fix it in an hour, I feel that that is all my customer should pay. Again, I’m not a doctor nor a lawyer, I’m a pool guy.”

“Back to basics.” That is why Jeff Harper opened Professional Pool Supply.

Stop in, have a free bottled water. Hard to find customer service at an affordable price.

How to Deal with Pollen in the Pool

How to Deal with Pollen in the Pool

Every year, March brings us St. Patrick’s Day AND pollen. Don’t worry, that yellow allergy dust will be gone soon enough. In the meantime, brush the pool often and increase the filtration time to allow all of the water in the pool to be filtered at least two times per 24 hour period. Usually, 8 hours per day is enough.