United Chemistry Swamp Treat – 1 Lb.


Turn the worst swamp back into a beautiful pool fast with less work and less chlorine.

  • Kills the toughest algae fast: in 24 hours or less!
  • Leaves a chlorine reading, so no follow-up shocking needed.
  • Contains zero ingredients that can stain.
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It is a violation of federal law to use this product in a manner inconsistent with labeling. Always add Swamp Treat™ directly to pool or spa.

  1. For swimming pools, add 1 pounds of Swamp Treat™ per 20,000 gallons by broadcasting directly onto the pool water surface.
  2. Brush pool or spa.
  3. Independent of chlorine level, immediately add liquid or dry chlorinating product for super-chlorination. Use the recommended dosage rate for super chlorination from an EPA registered chlorinating product.
  4. Before swimming, use a test kit for measuring chlorine level, as directed on your chlorinating product label. Do not
    enter the water or swim until the chlorine residual drops to 3 ppm.
  5. To prevent the reoccurrence of algae and maintain crystal clear water, No Mor Problems® may be used in conjunction with chlorinating and brominating products. Follow the directions for use for No Mor Problems® and maintain the chlorine or bromine level recommended on your chlorinating or brominating product.