Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner – 1 Gallon

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Start protecting your chlorine instantly with Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner, quickly and easily stabilizing chlorine from UV sunlight loss.

  • Liquid stabilizer that is much easier to add than traditional dry granular products
  • Dissolves and starts to work instantly
  • Pool friendly pH neutral formula
  • Protects chlorine immediately when added to pool water
  • Easy to pour and use
  • Will not damage any equipment or pool surfaces
  • 1 gallon raises CYA level by 32 ppm per 10,000 gallons


Instant Pool Water Conditioner by Natural Chemistry is the quickest and easiest way to stabilize and protect your chlorine sanitizer from UV sunlight loss in your pool. Instant Pool Water Conditioner starts to work instantly once added to the pool water. Traditional granular cyanuric acid products take significantly more time to dissolve and therefore work which can cost more money and time. With Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner, it dissolves instantly and begins working to protect chlorine as soon as it’s added to the pool. This allows you to start enjoying your pool more quickly, so no time or chlorine is wasted.

Easy Pour Liquid Conditioner

Instant Pool Water Conditioner liquid stabilizer is easy to pour and use, making it an ideal addition for a quick pool start up or a simple maintenance dose. Regular granular cyanuric acid is very acidic with a pH of 2.8, which can affect other water chemistry levels in the pool when added. Not only that, the acidity of traditional cyanuric acid can also cause damage to the pool surface or circulation system, depending on the method of application. Natural Chemistry Instant Pool Water Conditioner is not an acid, but a salt, with a neutral pH level. The pool friendly pH of Instant Pool Water Conditioner will not cause damage to pool surfaces or equipment, making it the safer and preferred choice for increasing the cyanuric acid (CYA) level in swimming pools.

Use Natural Chemistry’s Instant Pool Water Conditioner to easily increase the cyanuric acid level in the pool water to protect your chlorine from the sun’s UV rays instantly.