Biodex #300 Thick Tile Cleaner


Bio-dex 14827 #300 Tile Cleaner, 1 qt. removes calcium deposits, dissolves oil, grease and most soils in minutes! Use Directly on Heavy Calcium Deposits Removes Calcium – Fast!

  • Professional strength cleaner.
  • Recommended for use with the Protect-All Supreme to soften the scale and make the cleaning process easier.
  • Apply this product in small sections.
  • Required: test application to determine suitability and length of time for combating calcium deposits.
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Bio-dex 14827 #300 Tile Cleaner, 1 qt. is specifically formulated for removing calcium and scale deposits from swimming pool tile. This product’s fast acting formula powerfully dissolves oils, grease, and most soils from your pool.

Safety Advisement

The use of personal protective equipment, gloves and goggles, is recommended while using this product.