• Trusted and Highly Effective – Innovative zone mosquito repellent technology from Thermacell provides a mess-free and DEET-free solution much more effective candles or torches.
  • Portable and Easy-to-Use – Enjoy outdoor adventure, seize the day and keep bugs at bay, whether relaxing, barbequing, camping, backpacking, fishing, boating, hiking or enjoying the backyard.
  • Simple Alternative – Say goodbye to sticky and messy lotions, sprays, candles, oils, creams and chemicals on the skin; Thermacell EPA-evaluated technology effectively repels biting mosquitoes.
  • 15 Feet of Protection – Enjoy a 15 by 15-foot mosquito-free zone while camping or backpacking; 12-hour refills last from morning until night, keeping the campsite and trail free of irritating bugs.
  • No-Spray Technology – Thermacell delivers a welcome alternative to strong repellents, sprays and wipes; keep refills on hand at the next patio dinner, picnic, or evening by the fire pit.
  • No Scent, No Sound, No DEET – This odorless and invisible repellent system means no mess and no spray; perfect for outdoor family fun.
  • Easy to Use, Easy to Refill – Customers trust Thermacell mosquito repellent technology; mosquito protection for everyone.
  • Eliminate Worry of Mosquitoes – Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills ensure that outdoor enthusiasts and explorers have the freedom to fully enjoy the next great adventure.
  • This product is applicable for the following pest types: Mosquitos
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How often has your outdoor time been interrupted by pesky mosquitoes? The annoyance of insect bites can be enough to cause the most passionate outdoor lover to reconsider heading outside. Thermacell keeps mosquitoes away without spray and offers a trusted and highly effective solution, coming with a 100% user satisfaction guarantee. With an innovative repellent technology that provides an invisible, scent-free 15-foot by 15-foot zone of mosquito defense, users can venture into the great outdoors without the dread of mosquito bites. Thermacell Mosquito Repellent Refills, containing 3 repellent mats and 1 fuel cartridge, provide 12 total hours of protection – a full day’s worth of spray-free, scent-free and DEET-free bug protection evaluated by the EPA for safety and effectiveness. Whether paddling a canoe, hiking, camping or simply gathering the family for a backyard BBQ, say goodbye to irritating mosquitoes with Thermacell. Turn it on… Mosquitoes Gone.

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